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<p>Ready for a new Pokemon GO update to keep you busy this weekend? No? Well, tough, you're getting one anyway.</p><p>Already live at the moment and running through until June 5th, unique Field Research is available with some killer rewards. Enjoy very special Raid Battle appearances by rarer Pokemon, including one of my faves - Aerodactyl. Seriously, the day I got its Pokemon card I had a smile on my face for weeks.</p><p>Since it's a pretty rocky event you'll see more Rock-type Pokemon out and about, like Geodude and Nosepass. Oh, and if you don't fancy getting off your butt just bear in mind that your Buddy Pokemon earns Candy four times faster and there's extra XP to be grabbed at PokeStops/Gyms.</p><p>Get out and start collecting, Trainers, and reap some awesome rewards. But, if this sort of event isn't for you, don't forget Alolan forms will be making their way to Pokemon GO soon, too.</p>.

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