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<p>Kemco has brought its previously Android-only RPG Soul of Deva over to the shores of iOS today.</p><p>This time you'll be following the adventures of Sania, who is known as the "Savior", as she travels with a group to the far west region of Raglis.</p><p>RPG Soul of Deva is set in a fantasy land in which humans live among and in fear of demons. The party you accumulate and level up in the game is a mix of humans, demons, and half-demons.</p><p>The game also tactical options that aren't so common in Kemco RPGs, as is demonstrated by this amazing quote:</p><p>"During battles, both enemies and allies can move around their own battle territory. This tactic is known as 'moving'."</p><p>Moving, huh? Sounds like that might be handy.</p>.

GAME NAME Brave Frontier RPG

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com.sigmateam.Brave Frontier

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