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Metabolism is an important process in the body of each person. It means the ability of the body to covert food into energy. The average amount of calories you burn per day is your metabolic rate. It can be influenced by your body composition and size your age and your gender... more


Slimvance is a natural way to shed pounds without any jitters. The program combines a patented blend of organic ingredients with a diet and exercise plan. All this is claimed to trigger your body's ability to lose weight, with no need to use caffeine. According to the official website of the manufacturer... more

Oxy Lean Elite

Oxy Lean Elite is a premium fat burner that can deliver a wide variety of benefits, including weight loss, appetite control, increased endurance and energy, boosted metabolism, and improved focus and mental clarity. According to Genone Nutrition, this supplement should be combined with a regular exercise and healthy diet for better results... more

Cave Shake

Cave Shakes are the original Peleo, Keto, Vegan ready-to-drink shakes with organic flavors. These are dairy-free, gluten-free products without sugar added to the formula. These shakes can be consumed as a snack, dessert, or a meal replacement. They are loaded with good fats and MCTs to fuel you with energy and feel full with no carbs at all... more

Thrive Weight Loss

Thrive Experience is an eight-week lifestyle system that includes three products that need to be used together in order to provide such health benefits as weight loss, cognitive performance, pain management, anti-aging effects, digestion, joint health, immunity, to name just a few. In this review we will focus on its weight-loss properties... more


Xyngular is a multi-vitamin dietary supplement that is designed to help suppress the dieter's appetite due to the content of minerals, vitamins, and an herbal complex. It comprises of a number of products that work together to reduce body weight. Super Fruit Global Blend Crystals is also called Xypstix and is meant to give you a nutritional boost... more

Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea is a weight-loss and cleansing product that is claimed to detoxify the user's body and promote weight loss effects through a blend of nine essential herbs. These ingredients are said to work together in a synergy to restore your well-being with an accent on digestive health... more

Purefit Keto

The ketogenic diet is responsible for producing a bodily state called ketosis. In this state, the body fuels itself via burning body fat instead of glucose. This state is desired by many dieters because it promises to lead to fast weight loss. This metabolic process can be achieved through restrictive eating habits which involve focusing on a low-carb and high-fat diet... more